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Nestled in the neighborhood of Hollymead  a short 6 miles north of downtown Charlottesville and Thomas Jefferson’s Academical College, (better known as the University of Virginia) is the historic Silver Thatch Inn.  The quiet of this bucolic neighborhood setting appealed to us in 1998,  having left the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and Northern California for the starry nights and sweet smell of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In 1998 Virginia wine country was in its infancy, yet competing for and winning the gold over its older west coast siblings.  Breweries and cideries mere glimmers in the eyes of their founders. The music scene was pretty good, and it was ‘Dave who?’  Fresh from Los Angeles and a crazy good food scene, we longed for the talents of the California chefs & their ‘fresh food is best food approach.’ Friends, welcome to 2017! Virginia has grown to be the 5th largest wine producing state in the country, producing world class wines with vineyards that put the Napa Valley to shame (and I’m from there…) Our breweries and cideries are setting the standards of excellence; our distilleries are making Kentucky shiver in its bourbon boots; our culinary community is above first class, uniting farmers with our incredible chefs for a true farm-to-table lifestyle. And Dave Matthews? The members and founder of the Dave Matthews Band are legendary in not only their talent, but their generosity and community spirit. Do you need more reasons to visit C’Ville? Home of Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, James Madison a hop and a skip away, Blue Ridge Mountains, history? Now, are you ready to make your reservation? So much waiting for you in C’ville & the Silver Thatch Inn. Let us take care of you during your visit to our beautiful city! Visit our Corporate Program  for meeting/event/travel information.
                                    UPCOMING EVENTS AT THE INN RESERVE YOUR SPACES SOON FOR THESE FABULOUS EVENTS! Tues, Nov. 28 - “Afternoon Tea & Mr. Jefferson”             with local author/historian Rick Britton    Click on Events + Workshop for info Sat, Dec.  2 -  “Writing the Cookbook as a Memoir” Gathering recipes, telling their stories, creating a legacy for friends/family Sat 1/20/2018 Botanical Art Class with local artist Lara Gastinger
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