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Silver Thatch Inn Bed & Breakfast c1780 Charlottesville, Virginia and Unsolved Mysteries & Unknown Sightings Paranormal invite you on a GHOST HUNTING EXPERIENCE
From the first day we bought the Inn, back in 1998, we began hearing the stories of things that go bump in the night, not only from guests, but from the former owners as well.  Over the now 19 years I've been at Silver Thatch, the tales have expanded to include not only a blue mist traveling from one door through another, but actual eye-to-eye contact between guests and, well, 'other' guests.  Over time, guests' experiences have become more frequent. So in January, 2017 I made the decision to pursue paranormal investigations. Gary Foutz/Founder of Unsolved Mysteries & Unknown Sightings, Salem, VA and his team of expert investigators were exactly who I wanted for an investigation team:  experienced (40 years!), knowledgeable, respectful, and professional.  Our evening of ghost investigating will be led the very experienced team of Unsolved Mysteries & Unknown Sightings. You'll learn how to conduct an investigation &  work with professional equipment, as well as the proper way to address  Spirit. (Provoking & profanity are forbidden.)   Examples of reports: hearing men in conversation speaking what they thought was old German; an actual face-to-face with a young man with curly blond hair wearing a blue uniform & peaked cap;a young mother with 3 children scurrying between rooms preparing for dinner; a woman named Helene'; a curmudgeonly old man, and the list goes on. Over the past 10 years ghosts & the paranormal have enjoyed a lot of media play as entertainment. And it is. However, once I sent out emails that I was starting this venture, I received over 30 responses from folks wanting to share their own stories, and they're right here in Charlottesville! That they have found a way to talk about their experiences with others with similar experiences, is huge! And I know there are more folks out there who want to share their personal experiences as well. Gary and his team  held their first investigation on March 4, and  it was a doozie! But I knew it would be. Some of the spirits I expected to step forward didn't, but they will. I stayed with the team until midnight then the day got the best of me and I headed home to try to sleep – it's an invigorating experience! The next day the team updated me on what happened after I left. Their findings validated many of the stories I've heard. So whether you're an amateur sleuth of the afterlife, a seasoned investigator,  have a wonderful 'gift' and want to share it with others, you're simply intrigued with the science or you're a complete skeptic and want to prove to everyone that it's all hooey – which is fine with me! - we'd love to have you join us for these very exciting travels throughout the Inn in search of answers. For more information & to reserve your space and/or room:  434-978-4686 or info@silverthatch.comThe cost is $65 per person. Participants must be 18 and over. You'll arrive at the Inn around 7 for an hour's orientation/signing things, etc. Around 8:30 the team will get you started, and you'll investigate until around 2:30 – 3:00 a.m.  Space is limited to 15 Participants per investigation, so book your space soon.  Please plan to leave your valuables at home or locked securely in your car as there is no place to store them inside the Inn. Also, please enjoy a hearty dinner prior to arriving at the Inn as no food will be served.  You might want to get in a good nap as well.
Talking with a guest in one of the common areas and she asked me, ‘Who is Helene?’ I said, Helen? She paused for a moment and said, ‘No. She’s adamant that her name is Helene, and she’s standing right next to you. She likes you very much.’ So now I say good morning, Helene! when I walk through the back door each morning. Terri  
Silver Thatch Inn will appear on an episode of ‘The Twisted Realm’ a paranormal reality show featuring the team from THE TWISTED PARANORMAL SOCIETY from Fishersville, VA! Watch episodes from Season 1 on your local PBS station!